Independence Hall: A Glorious Philadelphia Landmark

Independence Hall is one of the most important buildings in American history. When you go on a historic tour of Independence Hall, you will find out more about the sacrifices made by those who were trying to establish America as a nation. Independence Hall Tour will help you understand more about our founding fathers, their struggle, the constitution they wrote, and also their beliefs about the separation of Church and State.

One of the most popular attractions is the Liberty Bell. As you took all of the trouble to have searched for your desired tour, you deserve to take advantage of the best experience possible. In the secure enclosed space is the Great Essentials exhibit, original copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Articles of Confederation.

Next, you can go on an authentic guided ranger tour of Congress Hall. The tour gives you an amazing look at the interior of the building and the importance of its location, as well as the importance of the building’s construction. Along the tour are some of the artifacts that you can find inside: portraits, ceremonial objects, letters, manuscripts, and coins from the Revolutionary and Civil War.

In addition to all of this, the Freedom Bell will also be on display for you to see. The Freedom Bell is a replica of the one that was used during the Boston Tea Party. The Freedom Bell can be found at the National Mall in front of the building that contains Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.
After your tour, you may want to take advantage of the many other attractions located nearby. There are museums, historic attractions, historical gardens, restaurants, and many more that will allow you to enjoy a great time while being in historic and historical places. You can even make a day of it, taking the entire day and explore the various sites. Independence Hall, in particular, has some amazing sights to see. There is an 18th-century Dutch church in the background that you can explore, and even if you just wanted to explore, you will find plenty to do to take your mind off of everything else.

After you return home, you will discover that you have much to learn about Independence Hall and all of the other historical buildings in the area. As well as a valuable guide book and historical information, you will discover that you also have lots of things to do while you are there and enjoy your trip. If you are looking to see the great historical attractions of America, you may want to consider getting a tour guide for your next Independence Hall tour.

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Driving Directions From Independence Hall to BCC Interactive

  1. Head south on S 6th St/S Independence Mall W toward Sansom St
    Continue to follow S 6th St
  2. Turn right onto Lombard St
  3. Turn left onto S 8th St
  4. Turn left onto South St
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