What You Can Expect When Visiting the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia

The Liberty Bell, otherwise known as the Old Statehouse Bell, is a prominent symbol of American liberty. Originally built in 1782 to honor the American colonies’ role in the founding of the United States, the bell serves as a reminder of America’s heritage and freedoms. In addition, it has a significant place in the historic neighborhood of ‘Old City’ in Philadelphia.

A visit to the Independence Visitors Center or the Liberty Bell Museum in Philadelphia is a great way to learn about the history of this historical artifact. Many of the artifacts and items found within this museum can be viewed inside the building itself. These artifacts can be viewed as they were when they were first placed on the bell, including original records. Some of the items contained within this museum may include the bell itself, which is currently displayed in the museum, as well as an original bell ringer.

The Philadelphia Historical Commission also has an online exhibit of artifacts found within the bell. Visitors can view pictures, and hear about how the bells were made during a short history lesson on the history of bells in Philadelphia. The history lesson features historical documents and other artifacts, which provide a deeper understanding of the bell.

When visiting the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities that are offered in the many areas of the museum. Visitors can walk through the museum, listen to the museum’s audio tour, or simply sit back and relax as they listen to the stories and knowledge that will be provided.

Visitors can even check out all of the different areas of the bell. From the inside to the outside, there are many different exhibits that can be visited in the museum. For those who are looking for more information about the history of the bell, there are many different rooms in the museum that will give visitors a better understanding of the history of this historic artifact.

If you are going to visit Philadelphia, the Liberty Bell is one of the most popular attractions that you will find. It is not only a historical attraction, but is also an exciting area to visit for those who have an interest in history. In addition, the bell’s museum is a great place to find great souvenirs and great bargains to take home with you.

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Driving Directions From Liberty Bell to BCC Interactive

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  3. Turn right onto Spruce St
  4. Turn left at the 2nd cross street onto S 8th St
  5. Turn left onto South St
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