Have You Been Hit By a Google Manual Penalty?

What in the world is Google Manual Penalty Recovery? How does this penalty affect my site and my site ranking? Will my web traffic drop as a result of my Google Manual Penalty? Why am I being recognized as spam?

A Google Manual Penalty can occur as a result of a manual update or change to your site. Google’s team is notified of this and your site can be flagged as spam or for misuse of guidelines. A human reviewer may flag something on your site as spam, and you’ll receive a penalty which directly affects your site SEO and Google ranking. What can trigger a Google Manual Penalty? Examples include a hacked website, spam material, hidden text throughout your site, excess keyword usage, unnatural links to/from your website, and more.

If you’ve received notice of a penalty, don’t worry. We’re here to help you get back up and running before your site is at risk of losing its ranking or authority. We have a quick process in place to perform link audits and see how your optimization is functioning. We can also ensure your website stays compliant and prevent additional penalties from popping up. We help clients recover from these penalties and work directly with Google to get your site any lost traffic. At BCC Interactive, we’ll take a detailed look at your site structure, links, and content to ensure you stay in good standing with Google for a long time to come.