Case Study

How we increased Organic Search traffic by 269% for FilmTrack

The Client

FilmTrack, Inc.

FilmTrack is one of the leading rights management solutions for the media and entertainment industry.

After having little to no organic growth year over year for several years, FilmTrack hired BCC Interactive to not only revitalize its organic traffic growth but also generate more qualified leads coming from search.

The Magic

What We Did

SEO Strategy

We performed a page-by-page analysis of FilmTrack’s website, and identified several technical and content-related issues that were negatively impacting the site. From there we developed a roadmap to fix the errors, prime the website for growth and align with FilmTrack's quarterly targets.

Content Optimization

We identified during our Strategy Sprint that many of FilmTrack's pages were not optimized for high-value keywords relevant to its target audience. Using our pillar-cluster methodology, we developed content for FilmTrack that was better and more relevant than its competition.

Link Acquisition

Our link profile and anchor text analysis showed that FilmTrack had a significantly weaker backlink profile than its competitors. We ran several Link Sprints over the course of the campaign and scored 20+ high authority links to boost Filmtrack's rankability.

The Results

After making these changes, we doubled MQLs and increased traffic by 269% within just 6 months.

Since executing several of our growth-focused sprints, FilmTrack has seen nothing but success. Their resource library is generating tons of traffic after leapfrogging several competitors with engaging top-of-funnel content. Not only that, but the MQLs from their whitepapers and industry studies have more than doubled in less than six months! 

“The BCC Interactive team is nothing short of amazing! They went above and beyond for our organization to ensure we were capturing all opportunities and exceeding our goals.”

– Jennifer Sistilli
Director of Marketing, Filmtrack

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