Unlock Your Website's TRUE Revenue Potential

Discover how much valuable traffic
your website should be getting

What we'll go over with you

Your Performance

We'll take a look at your website's current and historical performance and highlight notable trends.

Competitive Intelligence

We'll identify the direct and indirect competitors in your industry who are taking your traffic market share.

Your Growth Potential

Uncover the organic traffic growth you should be achieving based on our four unique growth models.

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Dr. Charlie Seltzer
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Organic Traffic Analysis FAQ

You’ll get a summary view of your website’s organic traffic potential growth over a 12 month period. Our projections are made at the page level, based on your existing traffic as of today, and the potential traffic from competitors and the industry landscape. 

For the number crunchers (like us), you’ll get a Google Sheets file with all your raw data segmented by growth scenario. If you’re a more visual person, don’t worry, you’ll also get a our growth models in chart form in Google Data Studio. These are yours to own after we complete the analysis. We will also give you a step-by-step walkthrough of the report to ensure you understand how to take action and grow your organic traffic.

Our Organic Growth Projection is a combination of automation and analysis run by our team of SEO experts. In order to get you the most accurate information, we need to understand more about your website, history and overall goals. Don’t worry, it only takes a few minutes to get the data we need and get to work.

While we pride ourselves on accuracy, it is important to keep in mind that these are estimates. It is incredibly difficult [basically impossible] to predict your EXACT organic traffic as Google’s algorithm changes daily. These growth models should be used to help you understand whether investing in SEO is right for your business.

We aggregate data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics + Ahrefs to understand your website’s current performance. After that, we analyze your competition to understand the market landscape potential. We then run a number of formulas to deliver your website’s organic traffic potential, and the impact of that traffic on your leads / sales.


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