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How we increased Mobigleam's revenue by 877% in just 6 months

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The Client


Founded in 2016, MobiGleam offers on-demand, virtual water-less, eco-friendly car wash
and auto detailing in Portland, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, and more.

For MobiGleam, no SEO strategy meant no organic traffic – in other words, no customers. You had to dig pretty deep on Google to find MobiGleam.

The Magic

What We Did

Local SEO Strategy

During our strategy phase, we identified numerous technical and site architecture flaws. These caused crawling issues and thus limited the overall organic potential. We mapped out a new site structure and internal linking strategy, utilizing local silos to enhance our relevance for each city we were attempting to conquer.

Content Optimization

There was some content on the website, but it was optimized without customer intent in mind. We knew most customers would be looking for [mobile car detailing] in [city]. Not only did we refresh the existing content to refocus it, but we created city-specific content to increase local relevance for maps.

Link Acquisition

Not only did we execute multiple local press releases to enhance brand visibility, but we launched a massive outreach campaign to authoritative websites to acquire link placements.

The Results

Our SEO Framework increased Mobigleam's revenue by 877% and organic traffic by 310%

After executing several of our growth-focused sprints, Mobigleam drastically increased its revenue and footprint in the Portland, Oregon metro area. 

“Hiring BCC Interactive for SEO is the best investment I’ve made for my business to this day.”

-Philip Bernstein
Owner, MobiGleam

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