Case Study

How we drove a 657% increase in Organic Traffic for The Pro's List

The Client

The Pro's List

Former professional baseball players Zack Weiss and Chase Brewer were all too familiar with the challenges of trying to decide where to train in the offseason.

As a result, they created The Pros List, a premier resource for athletes to connect with the best-qualified trainers in their area.  

The Pro’s List team reached out to us to kickstart their SEO efforts and build their organic presence from the ground up. 

The Magic

What We Did

SEO Strategy

With a website that was created just six months prior to the beginning of our partnership, their domain only had two inbound links and an authority score of zero. We needed to execute an accelerated plan to create content & acquire links. 

Content Marketing

We crafted a content marketing strategy centered on enhancing the existing podcast content that lived on the site. We targeted top-of-funnel baseball training keywords, using listicles and expert guides to create engaging blog content.

Link Acquisition

We launched an outreach campaign that was hyper-focused on sports blogs and training websites that would naturally fit The Pro's List. With the high-quality content created out of our content sprint, we had tremendous success acquiring placements in 20+ online publications. 

Link acquisition placement example

The Results

After executing our strategy, we increased their organic traffic by 657% within six months.

“Cory and the team at BCC Interactive were wonderful to work with. They were thorough, in-depth, and extremely helpful. We look forward to working with them again in the future!”

Zack Weiss
Co-Founder, The Pro’s List

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